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Protect your website from hackersproxy block
  • Website Security

    Stop spam and fraud from anonymous users on your website. Integrate our system and secure yourself against proxy server visitors.

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    Do you own a website? Have you tried getting cheated by some visitor using a stolen credit card, or tired of spam from proxy visitors? If you can answer yes to one of these questions, you need our solution to help you.

    With our service your website can check if visitors are hiding their identity and react upon detection. We give you an easy solution to block, redirect or warn anonymous visitors.

    Our system detects a high rate of all proxy servers and other blacklisted IP's, which are all high risk in terms of fraud and spam.

  • Our Statistics

    More than 1000 websites currently use our free membership to check their forum, webshop or blog. Join today.

    Our database contains many million blacklisted IP's, and we constantly improve to provide the best detection service for you.

    - Detect possible fraud
    - Redirect fraudster
    - Email alert when possible fraud

    - Detect and block spammers

    - Configure own whitelist / blacklist
    - Access scan statistics
    - See real address of visitors

    - Premade scripts available
       - PHP, ASP and ASP.NET

    - Available as plugin for

  • About Block That Proxy

    This is a service for all website owners worldwide. We are dedicated to building the best possible anti-fraud system for web services.

    Some of our typical users are webshops, forums and advertisers. Want to learn more? Please contact us.

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