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Here is our list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that it not answered here, please contact us.

How much time does it take to get started?

If you have a Magento webshop, then only a few minutes. If you want to install our script directly into your site, you just need to add the 15 lines of code to the webpage you want to scan visitors on, and then it is instantly live. It can be done in 5 minutes if you know basic programming.

How do I add your service to my website?

We provide you with several pre-made scripts that you can simply copy/paste to your current website. We have scripts for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET. It is not required that you know a lot about programming to add one of our scripts to you site, just copy/paste 10 lines of code from our example to your own source code. Register for free to see all the scripts available.

How do I install your Magento Extension?

Please follow the 6 simple steps on the BlockThatProxy Magento Extension page.

What does the proxy statistics on the front page mean?

HTTP/SOCKS: What we know as public proxies. HTTP using for surfing, SOCKS can be used for both surfing, emails, IM etc.

TOR Nodes: A system designed to hide the users identity by routing client traffic through one or several computers.

Web Proxies: Websites that acts as proxies. The most simple kind of proxy to use.

Botnets: Large amount of computers infected by viruses. Are e.g. used for spam or other illegal tasks.

Hosts: Commonly used networks to host proxy web sites. Each of our hosts as a minimum of 65000 IP's.

How can I pay you?

We use PayPal as payment gateway. Our script is sold as subscriptions were you pay a certain amount each month (depending of your needs) to get full access. There is no contract period, so you can stop anytime you want if you are not satisfied with our solution.

What if your system detects a proxy, but it is not?

A few internet providers (e.g. AOL) use proxy-like solutions to provide internet access. With our system you decide yourself what to do when a proxy is detected. The pre-made scripts we provide can either redirect the user, email you a warning, block the user instantly or just notice the user. It is only if you decide to instantly block proxy servers with our system you should be aware of this. From your members area you can add or remove any IP from your personal whiteliste or blacklist. Here you can also add IP-ranges, for e.g. AOL.

Can I allow a specific proxy?

Yes. From the members section you have access to a personal whitelist and blacklist. Using the whitelist you can instantly allow any specific IP you enter. With the blacklist you can instantly block any IP.

Can I customize your pre-made scripts?

Yes. You can customize our service 100%. We can provide an API to detect proxy servers, then your developer can customize it to do whatever is needed if a proxy is detected.